Population aging is about social change.  The priorities of Agenomics emphasize the unprecedented convergence of age, health and wealth.   Through our blog Agenomics explores the opportunities and challenges of population aging including cognitive change, singleness, longevity, family dynamics and many other interesting topics.   Agenomics also is available to provide:  

  • Professional CE courses for health care, financial and human resources professionals
  • Articles for your blog (your brand or mine) on current events & key issues and research about our aging society
  • Media interviews for radio or print
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Dr. Lee Anne Davies is an innovator, seeing population aging as an opportunity while realistically exploring the challenges we each will face.  She has many years of experience working in the health, financial and charitable sectors. She is passionate about sharing her insights on population aging so professionals, philanthropists and the general public prepare for and respect the changes brought about due to aging. She is a sought-after expert by mainstream media (see list below) and a published author.  Her education includes a PhD in Aging, Health and Well-being and a Masters of Arts (MA) in Gerontology and Health Studies from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Athabasca University’s Information Technology Management program.  She is a certified project manager (PRINCE2), change manager (PROSCI) and privacy specialist (CIPP/C).For-WooCommerce

She has co-authored a book on money with Blair Mantin – sharing insights into how people end up in financial trouble in our consumer-driven world.  Her second book is underway.



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