This earlier blog ( discussed the top five resistors that older persons often bring up when considering downsizing.   Three more resisters discussed below may require some patience to resolve but many people have managed to move forward even with these concerns:

  1. Where will I put <insert loved furniture piece> in a new place?   Often older persons will own furniture that has been enjoyed for years, is well maintained, and holds many memories.  Large desks and dining room suites are often in this list and represent family get-togethers or many years of hard work put into raising their family.  It’s unlikely that this furniture will fit into the new location.  It would also be a potential safety hazard if it is too large for the new surroundings.  If at all possible try to find a family member or friend who would care for the furniture as much as the current owner and transfer the piece(s) and create an opportunity to establish a new style at the new home.
  2. I feel pressured by <insert adult kid’s name> to move.  This is a difficult one because the older adult may need some “pressure” to move forward with the decision.  After all, it’s a very big move to leave the family home.  Make sure that one person doesn’t bear the blame for the decision.  Continue to remind the older adult about the reasons for moving, how they made their choice, and that everyone is going to help them make this decision work out well.   Moving multiple times isn’t desirable for most people but it doesn’t hurt to remind them that a decision can be changed and another move can be made and you will be there to help.
  3. I won’t have a <insert something special about current home such as a den, art studio, garage> in my new home.  Likely this is true of anyone moving at a later stage in their life.  They are probably downsizing and this means the loss of rooms or spaces that were dedicated to specific activities.  Tell them about the innovative and versatile furniture that is now available.  Have a look at this eight minute video for some innovative ideas of how small spaces can work well  Or if you have more time, watch this documentary on tiny houses: .  Each will inspire you to think ‘small’.