Statistics Canada indicates that those age 55 and older in the work force currently represent about 17% of the working population.  In 2001 they represented only 10% of workers.  By 2021 they are forecasted to represent 24% of workers.

These changing demographics of employees means that new issues will be arising in the workplace.  Eldercare is one of those issues that is increasing rapidly.  Employers need to understand the challenges facing their employees.  This is bound to help retain good employees as well as protect the profitability and effectiveness of the organization.

Employers can improve their bottom line through:

1.Increased loyalty – demonstrating an understanding of work-life balance will increase more than just the caregiving-employee’s loyalty
2.Increased work engagement –provide flexible work environments demonstrates an understanding of the demands of caregiving & increases employee commitment
3.Decreased expenses – less work-time lost and improved employee health by understanding caregiving stressors